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Monday, November 20, 2006

Day from you-know-where!

Today was the most infuriating day in a long time. Since it is Thanksgiving week, I am the only civil litigation paralegal at work. The other 2 took the week off. Mondays are usually bad, but this one was worse than most in quite awhile! We had 5 new cases and since Evelyn was out I had to remember how to do the conflict checks (and we had some weird cases) and then call the clients to give them the name of the attorney assigned to them. Then I had to run to court for routine motions and filing. Well routines are usually held between 8:45 and 9;15 or 9:30, so as long as you get there by 9:15, you are fine. Well, one of the clerks told me that there court held routines 8-8:45 and they were only giving a grace period for the last year for it to last until 9. Well, no where is that posted, so how are we to know if we aren't told. So, that routine motion has to be redone for next week. Of course other things came up. Plus I had to go to the other side of downtown to Federal Court to get some documents from the file copied. While there, I find out I could have done it online, since we have this one kind of account with the Federal Courts. It would have taken only a few minutes to do online but probably close to an hour walking to and from Federal court, plus a good chunk of time there. Now with all the time I spent blowing off steam, I don't have time to type anything more since it is now almost 10:30 and past my bedtime since I want to be on the 6:25 train. Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day, at least in getting what need to get done, done.


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