Journey to Our Chinese Princess

Thursday, November 30, 2006

New referrals are on their way!

Congratulations to everyone of you, who are going to finally, see your babies' faces. For those of you without prior knowledge the China adoption world. The CCAA is the governmental gency in China that matches adoptive parents to their child who is waiting in China. Parents who's paperwork was logged in to China between August 26th and September 8th, 2005 will now be seeing their 1st glimpses of their child. They will probably travel in 6-8 weeks or usually, that is how it goes, but with Chinese New Year aroundthat time , it will probably be more like 10-12 weeks.

Now the big question will be, when will those referrals start flying in! Then in a few weeks, there will be the big question as to whether there will be another batch of referrals before the end of the year! There had been a lot of rumours a week or so ago that the CCAA may start rolling out full months and then the wait would begin to stabilize. But since they only covered 19 days, it does not look like the wait will be stabilizing in the near future. At this pace and the fact that we are only at the very beginning of the process, who knows when we may actually have a little one. Ithink the wait is now about 15 months from LID (Log-In-Date - when you are officially in the computer system in China) to Referral.


  • At 1:44 PM, Blogger paperpregnancy said…

    sorry to put a little burst in your bubble, they only did 14 days this time per my calculations. I hope they speed up though!

  • At 4:24 PM, Blogger Janna said…

    Oooh, 15 months sounds like forever, doesn't it? I hope it goes faster for you Kathryn!

  • At 8:35 PM, Blogger Kathryn said…

    Paper Pregnancy - I see we both have the same name for our blog.

    Janna - That 15 months can actually be longer or shorter, but whichever in the end it will be worth it and we'll get the baby that is meant to be OUR DAUGHTER!


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