Journey to Our Chinese Princess

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We're still waiting for the agency contract & other materials. I guess this is a way to prepare us for the long wait that is just getting longer. We also had a big snowstorm in the midwest. Our part of Chicagoland got over a foot of snow. And now the temperatures have been extremely cold, single digit lows near zero. It's hard to believe, but over Thanksgiving weekend, we hit record highs. It was so unseasonably warm, but a week later and everything is just the opposite almost. I wonder if they are still calling for mild winter. After the past several days, it sure doesn't feel like it. But things can change quickly here in Chicagoland. We could even be wearing shorts over Christmas. OK, maybe not shorts, but we have had some extremely warm Christmases in the 60's even. It would be nice, since Kevin & I are on vacation the week between Christmas and New Years. We will be staying home, unless we go up to the U.P for a few days to visit Kevin's family. When I get home, I'll post a few pictures of our snowstorm on Friday.


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